MindMaster DMX

Control DMX lights with electrical signals from your brain!

Add a bit of biofeedback to your light show! MindMaster DMX is a bit of software that analyzes biopotentials coming from your head, measuring your alpha and beta brainwaves. The amount of these different frequencies of brainwaves is then sent out over any DMX-512 channel that you choose.

There is a MIDI version of this as well.


I don't make or sell any of the hardware. MindMaster DMX requires two pieces of hardware. The first is the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator, or NIA. The NIA consists of a headset with three sensors of sorts that rest on your forehead. This headset then plugs into a small box which samples the signals from the sensors and sends them to your computer over USB. The NIA is USB HID compatible, so no drivers are ever needed.

The second piece of hardware you need is an Enttec DMX USB Pro. This is one of the most reliable USB DMX interfaces out there, as well as one of the cheapest, which is why I chose to make MindMaster DMX utilize it. the DMX USB Pro simply plugs into your computer with USB, and has a standard 5-pin DMX out. (You can get a 5-pin to 3-pin DMX adapter if necessary.)

System Requirements


This software is available free for non-commercial use. It is currently in beta, and not a finished software program. There are plenty of bugs, and lots of things to work out. Please e-mail me any feedback you have.

MindMasterDMX_Beta_Setup.exe (136KB)